DSC03830I used to interview for candidates applying for medicine in Oxford. One of the toughest questions I put forward to the applicant is “How do you do describe yourself in your obituary?” It is dark and incomprehensibly unfair, but I was not apologetic. “Dynamic, Determined or down-to-earth?” is that really how one wants to be remember you?

I recently read John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars” and was pathetically moved to tears by someone who really needed to write an tributes about their love ones when the person is still alive. With myself fast approaching the big 50, I cannot help but to ask myself how I would like to be remembered. A Urologist, Academician, Author, father, traveler, author, columnist or broadcaster? These are just the roles I played in my journey of life.

I have decided. I would like to trace the past and lay the future bare. Go on, join me on this voyage, and help me to write shape the colors of my obituary.