KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) does not recommend the use of penis rings, especially those made from metal.

“The rings are dangerous and can do more harm than good,” said MMA president Dr H. Krishna Kumar.

He was commenting on the Tuesday incident where a man ended up in the Hospital Kuala Lumpur emergency room with his scrotum stuck in a ring.

According to Dr Krishna, the ring is worn to help prolong an erection by obstructing the return flow of blood from the penis.

“The problem starts when the penis is completely swollen. You would not be able to take the ring off then,” he said.

If the ring gets stuck, he advises using ice to reduce the swelling.

“That could make it easier to remove the ring,” he said.

Dr Krishna believed that the victim could have mistakenly worn a ring meant for the penis. “It should not be worn on the testes,” he said.

According to The Star columnist on men’s health Dr George Lee, penis rings were used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) in the 1960s.

“It is an old fashioned treatment. Today, we would rather use medicine to treat ED,” he said.

Dr Lee, who is an urologist, pointed out that medically recommended penis rings were made of plastic, not metal.

He urged those who suffer from ED to consult doctors before turning to such devices lest they injure themselves.

The KL Fire and Rescue Department was called in to help remove the metal ring from the victim’s scrotum.

Its operations officer Azizan Ismail had said that it took 40 minutes to saw the ring off in the incident.

Asked if a victim’s wife should help remove a stuck penis ring, Dr Krishna laughingly replied that she should not even try.

“It could turn into a bigger problem,” he joked.

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