Dear Dr. G,

I read with disappointment the article last week on the condom conundrum: To use or not to use, depicting using condom to being “like taking a shower with a raincoat on” or “eating candy with the wrapper on.”

As the male condom is the only mode of contraception can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea and HIV, it is somewhat irresponsible for you to only highlight the limitations of the rubber.

You mentioned the barrier technique interpose a mechanical barrier reducing tactile sensation and diminishing the heat attenuation during sex which is off-putting to many, as compared to the natural unprotected intercourse.

In my experience, there is a plethora of condoms out there that allows one the best of both worlds. The pleasure-giving ability of the rubber can be enhanced with bespoke designs and the intended benefit of contraception and safety is not compromised.

I hate to tell you this, but I think you owe it to the readers to elaborate on the pleasure-enhancing features of condoms that can incite excitement, instead of mood dampening!

I would like to put Dr. G on the spot to explain the different versions of condoms that can potentially help couples to reach different heights in pleasure between the sheets? How do enhancing features of condoms work for both men and women?

Can the designs always keep the virus at bay and ensure the security of contraception? Hope I am not too harsh on you.

Bumpy Bob

Male condoms are undoubtedly the safest and overall most effective form of birth control, with a 98% success rate in preventing pregnancy when used correctly. More importantly, the protection against sexually transmitted infections through bodily fluids, including semen, vaginal secretions and blood is paramount, as this modality of barrier technique is proven to prevent the spread of gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV and syphilis.

The protective efficacy of most condoms is ensured by the vigorous scrutiny of FDA. All latex and polyurethane condoms are required to undergo the highest standard of quality testing, and the manufacturers have to endure random spot-checks to guarantee at least 996 of every 1,000 condoms pass the water leak test before considered safe to use.

With the emergence of novelty condoms, many manufacturers have designed the condoms for the sole purpose of sexual stimulation, rather than protection. Therefore, for consumers who are curious to put on a bumpy rubber to embark on the pleasure rides, it is vital to utilise trusted brands that guarantees protection from STI’s and pregnancy.

The manufacturers are constantly researching to arrive at a condom that is safe and pleasure-giving. This ensures the barrier is like “having your cake and eat it too”, or in this case, “tasting the sweetness of candies even with the wrappers on”.

The textured, bumpy, ribbed and studded rubbers are some of the creative condoms that promise to turn bedroom sparkles into magical fireworks, despite the diminished tactile contacts. The ribbed condoms are designed with extra bumps and ridges intended to stimulate the G spot in women, providing extra stimulation.

It is believed that 30% of women are unable to achieve orgasm from intercourse alone and the extra friction from the designer condoms may help. Other textured rubbers may have both men and women’s pleasure in mind. Two-fold condoms are customized with variation of ribs at the top and studded base to enhance sensitive areas of the genitalia for both men and women.

The intended benefit of novelty condoms is to general extra frictional contacts during intercourse. However some couples may find the ridges, bumps and studs painful rather than pleasurable.

There is no robust scientific data to support or dispute the painful or pleasurable effect of novelty condoms. As different individuals have different reactions to different sexual stimulation, having an open mind to experience different condoms is generally the key to enhancing pleasure.

Wes Craven, generally recognised as a Master of Horror and the famous creator of A Nightmare on Elm Street, once said: “You learn a lot more from those bumps than from when things are going great!”

When it comes to playing safe between the sheets, there is no doubt the gold standard of protection is the proper use of condoms. Indeed, the cumbersome and barriers of the rubber may be a nightmare and deterrent.

I would like to thank Bumpy Bob for putting Dr. G on the spot this week on turning the pain of rubber into a gain in pleasure. Indeed, the curiosity and open communications of attempting novelty condoms can even make “having shower with a raincoat on” pleasurable. Therefore, go on and embark on the curiosity bumpy rides.

“Curiosity can ensure you learn a lot more from those bumps, even when things are already going great!” You never know, each attempt will eventually turn the horror nightmare of rubbers into sweet dreams in cloud nine!

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